Vinyl Flooring


Carpet Castle, Coventry are specialist and stocks an extensive range of vinyl flooring and it is the type of floor that is considered by most of the people.

In an increasingly cuisine crazy world, the kitchen is becoming a hub of many homes so carpet or wooden base might not be able to tolerate such a frequent rough use. Whether it’s a mess or dirt your children bring in, food spillage or washing up splashes, vinyl flooring always gives you a safe option.

Carpet Castle provides all kinds of flooring solution within your budget range and adds style to your living areas. If you're on a lookout for that perfect base for your home at an affordable price, Carpet Castle offers the solution.

Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring looks more or less very similar to the wooden floors. This is one more reason that makes it equally popular. Laminate flooring is not only very durable, affordable but also immensely attractive. Another best quality is that they come in a vast array of colours and designs. 

At Carpet Castle, we can guide you in selecting from the wide range of colours and designs that will go along with the theme of your room. An apt flooring design really brings together and completes the whole theme of your room.